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Well selected blends of sativa and indica to nurture you back to vigor and good health.

CBD For Life

It’s more than just health, our mission has to do with helping you get the best out of life, every day, every single moment.

…the finest things in life…

Fine tinctures for fine and wonderful people only. You. Yes you reading. You deserve all the finest things in life.

CBD MediKate Box For Covid-19

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Our special Collection of essential items for the lockdown is available on pre-order.

Select a covid-19 medikate box with essential items from as low as N40, 000

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Orders & Delivery

We send you a notification for when to expect your delivery. Our custom orders take about 3 – 5 days to complete depending on extraction and the finesse of the final product. You will be given an estimated number of days when you call to discuss your custom order.

For other non-custom orders, orders placed will be delivered the next day. For express orders, delivery will be done within the hour (max of 2 hours depending on product readiness).

Our Partner Stores

420 Stores

Established in 2010, 420 is one of the pioneering arms of the CBD movement in Nigeria

Nandis Wellness & Spa

Nandis wellness & Spa offers Massage therapy using CBDForhealth.ng Shea’xcellente Body Balm.

Important Notice

Pending our accreditation from the National Agency For Food & Drug Administration & Control, these products are home made and many statement/testimonials about them are privately sourced.

The products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease however consult your health care provider if you’re making the shift to CBD based products today.

Foreign FDA approved products are sold instore.