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The Inauguration of the Association for the Legalization of Cannabis for Medical Purpose in Nigeria

The Inaugural Meeting of the Association For The Legalization Of Cannabis For Medical Purposes held in Lagos and the following operational offices designated;
1. National President – Chief Anthony Tosan Prest2. Deputy National President –  Lamiah Momoh3. National General Secretary – Kanwulia Ikediashi4. Director Of Operations – Athanasius Ugboma5. Head Of Mobilization – Lapade Tunde
6. Trustee – Jarret Tenebe
Date: September 28th 2019Venue: Prest Cruise Waterfront Hotel, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria
The event was Presided by Chief Anthony Tosan Prest (National President) and his Inaugural Speech is transcribed below;

I feel very honored and privileged to address this August gathering today as the National President of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA(CANNABIS) FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE IN NIGERIA. It is indeed a feeling of joy to see great men and women of your caliber honoring us with your esteemed presence. With this, you have also demonstrated your abiding faith and belief in this great movement of promoting and advocating for the legalization of Marijuana(Cannabis)solely for medical purpose in Nigeria.

History has just been made today with the official ceremony youre witnessing. The formal launch and inauguration of offices and the officials that will drive the mission and vision of ASSOCIATION FRO THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA(CANNABIS) FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE IN NIGERIA will be effected. I can assure you, that this solemn ceremony ultimately signifies the beginning of decriminalization of medical marijuana(cannabis) in Nigeria in line  with current practices in advanced nations including the U.S.,Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland and Uruguay amongst many others.

In actualizing these, ASSOCIATION FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA(CANNABIS) FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE IN NIGERIA will, a  part of our mission, continue to advocate and enlighten the public with the true benefits of medical cannabis as a profoundly proven health remedy for many diseases and remove negative stereotypes and untruths about medical Marijuana(Cannabis).

Through this advocacy and well canvassed policies, the Association will make informed representations to the relevant authorities to ensure citizens enjoy equal medical rights and privileges at all times with scientifically proven efficacies of medial Marijuana products for the treatment of various ailments and diseases including various cancers, glaucoma, Crohn’s Disease, Muscle Spasms, Arthritis, Epilepsy, Fibroids to mention a few. 

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is with great humility and honor that I welcome you all to this inaugural launch. The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with the first step.

I, therefore, urge you all to support this noble project morally, financially and with needed and necessary commitment of time and effort towards making the noble vision of promoting the decriminalization of medial marijuana(cannabis) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria a REALITY come 2020!!

Thank you and God bless you all!

Chief Anthony Tosan Prest
National President

National President Chief Anthony Tosan Prest & the Director of Operations Athanasius Ugboma
National President Chief Anthony Tosan Prest & the Director of Operations Athanasius Ugboma 

Afterwards the newly appointed officers raised different points of interest which would be discussed in next committee meeting, date and venue will be communicated in due time. The issues raised are itemized below;

  1. Security Concerns for members.
  2. The need for more research into the chemical composition of all our locally grown cannabis for medical purposes.
  3. Different alternative Medication methods available in Nigeria; THC Oils, Tinctures and Edibles as case studies.
  4. Accessibility to government owned regulatory committees.
  5. More office positions designations.
Members discussing alternative medication techniques.
Members discussing alternative medication techniques.
CBD & THC can also be ingested in Oils, tincture and Edibles form. 

With the proper distillation and extraction methods, Medical Cannabis has the potential to heal diverse ailments without the intoxicating euphoria. It is our desire that decriminalization commences as soon as possible so that the chemical composition of our various plants species come to light, for medical purposes predominantly.

Members of this Association are eagerly looking forward to more research and data on plant compositions in this our humble quest for Legalization, feel free to comment and send emails with any articles that will make re-education of the general public much easier.

God bless Nigeria.

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CBD Spa Day 2019

Just when we thought there was no hope for the pain that keeps rearing its ugly head in our lives, we were reminded of the healing power of Cannabidoil at the first ever CBD Spa event which took place in Lagos, Nigeria. Our special guests were treated to the following CBD infused spa treatments at Bodyworth Beauty & Spa Lekki.

Elevated Tea/Coffee using CBD honey tinctures during their pedicure session or before their massage. The addition of a CBD honey tincture to the guests choice of diverse teas and coffee created an extra calm experience as CBD is known for deep relaxation of our nerves and muscles, known to ease anxiety and reduce inflammation. 

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point/Swedish Massages using Shea butter CBD Balms; In addition to the skills of Bodyworth Beauty & Spa’s masseuses, Shea’xcellente CBD Sheabutter & Eucalyptus body balm was used for the sessions. Clients testified to a perfect relaxation during and after their sessions, one of our guests slept for 5 hours after her session. 

RSO Sauna: Sauna technology uses the help of dry heat or steam to activate the sweat glands and this is usually done in an airtight bath space. The addition of RSOil to the hot steam ensures that the actigens are easily assimilated by the patient through skin and breathing too. Creating a deep nerve & cardiovascular reaction during and after the session. 

CBD Body Scrub: In addition to bath salts & essential oils used here, we included the CBD Body wash from Shea’xcellente which contains lemon powder, African Black soap & honey as well as a post treatment rub with the Shea’x eucalyptus balm. Guests enjoyed a full body exfoliation process while simultaneously healing their skin impurities like deep vein thrombosis, rashes, cellulite to mention a few. 

CBD Manicure & Pedicure: Not your usual Mani & Pedi Session, guests enjoyed soaking their foot & hands in CBD soap solution, extra soft and extra healing to any skin  defects/injuries they may have had before their session.

Farm not Pharm Seminar by Farmcare Nigeria: Guests in attendance sat and discussed the entourage effect of using THC & CBD together to control/combat larger symptoms of ailments during a talk session by Mr Murphy of Farmcare Nig. Farmcare Nig is a support group focused on Autism in children and other pain related ailments which have limited their lives. 

Mrs Bukola Bankole, CEO of Bodyworth Beauty & Spa, has dedicated her practice to healing via massages and aromatherapy. The spa itself is an embodiment of healing from the majestic calming aroma wafting through the air as you walk into the reception to the warm reception from her experienced team of masseuses. Including CBD to their current therapies heightened the experience for every guest who visited, the products on display/used ranged from Nigerian based CBD tinctures  CBD Honey, Black soap scrubs for pain relief, also CBD lip balms & RSO from our US Sponsors Jed-eye Farms in addition to Indamix Records merchandise. 

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Remembering Momma 2019. A 10 year Memorial Event for Late Mrs Grace Ikediashi

Watching a loved one fade away from an ailment that causes teeth grinding pain is not something anyone should experience.

As a matter of fact, Teeth grinding pain from any ailment is not something anyone should experience,

But the human body is a special machine, it is able to degenerate  and regenerate cells, some of these metabolisms transmit signals to the brain as pain or pleasure, these reactions are the only two which all humans share common ground.

My late momma was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the fourth stage of the degeneration, she tried chemotherapy but was too tired to go through with the whole process,she was put on morphine & tramadol but to no effect. The cancer had spread to her brain few months before she transitioned, it was too late!

Or was it?

Her demise exposed me to a holistic approach to pain relief; herbs and CBD. Having been on analgesics and anti-inflammatory prescription pills for a pinched nerve in my lower spine for years, i sought out my personal salvation from the clutches of gut wrenching pain. 

What is CBD?

Is CBD Legal In Nigeria?
The plant itself is illegal to possess or grow in Nigeria it does not stop the production,Importing & Usage of it. from the 1800s In Oil/Tincture form CBD is known to possess healing abilities for stress relief of various ailments known to man.

CBD is Legal in so many other countries;
In Africa it has also been decriminalized in a few countries;

In Nigeria it’s still being discussed, groups are taking actions into their hands to deliver these products to our Medical use regardless of the restrictions put in place by the Federal government but hopes are up and In a few years it may be decriminalized.

The Nigerian Law and CBD use;

My CBD Miracle.
My Personal experience with the medical properties of this plant was after a cervical cancer diagnosis claimed the life of my mother, Mrs Grace Ikediashi June 2009. I had also been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my lower spine which was responsible for chronic back pains i endured through my teens till adulthood. 

I started to work with the herb in 2013/14 for the alternative treatment sector, assisting others to manage their pain while it cured mine. Till date i have been able to work with a wide section of ‘patients’ recommending my products and services for the alleviation of their pain. However their doctors are made to be aware that they are trying alternative pain relief and approval sought. To avoid complications.

The demand for topical body creams and soaps was another breakthrough in 2017, using the Africa Shea butter and African black soap base materials,the first of its kind CBD infused creams and soaps are now available for sale and distribution within Nigeria. They offer deep tissue healing of scars and irritation, they are also available in other variants.

CBD Healing Spa Day Event – 10 year Memorial for Momma Grace Ikediashi.
I have been working on this project for a while, i would love to bring together people of interest to this event to experience the non-psych-active healing abilities of this plant. July 17th 2009, Momma would have turned 55 but instead she was called to glory, surrounded by her family and all those whose lives she touched, she was a friend of God! This year makes 10 years since her transition and i would love to celebrate with an exclusive holistic CBD Spa event at Bodyworth Beauty and Spa in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.

This event is aimed at educating guests and showcasing CBD in all its glory from hair treatments to beard growth products, massage balms, foot bath bombs, CBD concentrates and salves for topical, vape or ingestion dosage uses.
Our international partners from Jed-eye farms, Portland Oregon in conjunction with Indamix Records, will be providing a wide array of products and merchandise for our use and sale.
There will be spa treatment packages according to each guests specific pain relief needs, free samples, BD treats, small chops and VR 3D Meditation sessions.

Register For The First CBD Spa Event

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420 Festival 2019 – Bake Qave Experience

There are so many speculations about the origin of this catch phrase.
A secret code none-the-less, these three numbers have held it down for those of like-minds for many many years. Its first use was coined as a code word by high school students in San Rafael, California in 1971 with reference to 4.20 p.m., the time at which they regularly met to try to locate an unattended plot of abandoned hemp plantation. 

Read More History of 420

On April 20th the world over, enthusiasts gather to celebrate this dynamic ‘miracle plant’ and Nigeria is not left behind. This year, 420 Culture Nigeria, Africas 1st Tobbacco smokeshop wowed guests and prospective investors to a 420 Experience to remember at the rooftop of Retro Lounge right in the heart of Victoria Island. It was an old school danceparty with a buffet setup & lots of freebies to try.

The Highlight of this year sponsorship was International based Jedi Farms, Straight out of Portland Oregon, in collaboration with Indamix Records as well as Q+M Collective. The Dab Rig Experience was EPIC!!! (See videos below)

420Fest 2019 Instagram

The Momaqakes BakeQave was live @ the event with lots of yummy treats for sale and on display but what got tongues wagging was the ‘Cookie Jar’. A lucky winner of one of the eating contests was gifted with a monstar jar of cookies. See more pictures below.

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One Night Fights!

Living in Lagos Nigeria, one needs to be extra extra alert when it comes to safety of life and property during social gatherings, theres is always one turn up or another. All over town.

Phone. Make Up pouch, Wallet, Car & House Keys. Perfumes. Body sprays. Notepads. iPad/Tabs, Powerbanks. Usb cords. Ear phones. Mini Wifi device. etc

1. All of the above + additional self defense tool eg fancy taser, pepper spray, decoy mobile phone.

Even though it may be illegal to possess the above mentioned in Lagos state, there are methods you can use if filing a self defense police report. As a lady, its not an should know to protect yourself at all times. Other security products in the markets like tasers and batons are suitable for men, see images below.


1. DO Keep in a hidden corner of your bag/purse/car.
2. DO NOT tell anyone that you have one with you.
3. In case of an attack, quick thinking is key! Spray to Disarm the assailant directly into breathing space giving chance to escape/call for help.

First Aid Tip! incase you or loved ones get affected by the spray during use, warm wet clothe over the nose pprior to use or immediately afterwards will reduce the chances of effects.

Below is the link to the emergency numbers for Lagos state;

Emergency Help Numbers-Lagos

Feel free to comment with the emergency numbers of your state/region.
Stay Safe!

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Melanin! The Power of the sun

Out here in the western part of Africa, proximity to the equator means that the temperatures are mostly hot all through the year. Great!

Being situated close to the equator would only mean that sunrays hit the earth point a little more intensely than the northern hemisphere, Luckily our skin is biologically engineered to adapt to the blaring sun’s heat! This distinctive pigmentation is a special mechanism which protects the skin and in turn, the human wearing it from harsh ultra-violet effects like sunburn, dry or cracked skin, or any defect that causes skin cancers. 

This special pigment called Melanin is responsible for the dark coloration in all humans and even some animals, it could be produced naturally in different regions as with most Africans and some Indians and Mexicans and folks of greek descent and it affects both skin and eye color. 

The power of Melanin is not only in its stealth from ultra violet rays, it is also present in some plants and animals  as invigorating mechanism that keeps us healthy all year despite the burning heat. It is this mechanism that prompted many cosmetologists commercialization of electronic tan beds or even sun tanning for those skin types with low production of Melanin. Small wonder the techniques evolved furthermore to the invention of melanin pills and injections which could permanently turn a white skin person dark, if used for too long. A technology that has garnered quite a bit of following over the past few years.

As our faces are different, sensitivity of the skin and eyes vary according to individual skin types and unless that balance is altered(By Bleaching or Toning), the skin works in itself to protect its own self; just like the human body emits sweat when exposed to hot atmosphere not because it is disgusted with itself but only because the sweat automatically cools the body temperature once any soft breeze passes by/touches it. This is a survival mechanism of the human specie, there is really nothing we can do but alter the growth and pigmentation of our own healing? not fair *Pun  intended*

Skin alteration techniques are not new, way back during the Elizabethan days excessively caked white powder was  used to lighten the complexions of ladies in waiting, giving them a  ‘more appealing’ look to suitors. These days extreme clinical/surgical procedures of the twentieth century exist. Mast of these beauty techniques like skin whitening surgery totally destroys the melanin producing enzymes in the body to achieve a lighter coloration.This alteration can cause many skin problems such as scabies, acute acne and irrational bouts of eczema and skin cancer.. 

It is not a new generation problem however serious cases have happened in a few African countries like South Sudan, Rwanda and Ghana which prompted their government to ban skin lightening products from their markets.

Unbeknownst to many, some of nature’s superheros like Lime and Lemon oils are natural toxin free and can improve skin lightning without the side effects. Also Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Coconut oil contain the right vitamins and minerals that your skin needs and enough healing power to restore melanin deficient skin types.

Its never too late to begin a restoration from bleached skin. Momaqakes stocks a new brand of shea butter creams and soaps for all skin types, restoration, hair growth, massage balm, African black soap, body wash and more. Feel free to send an email to for more information.

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Starting a new business this year? This post is for you!

The fate of the Nigerian Entrepreneur in this Online Retail generation may be embedded in secret as two to three steps in your favorite bloggers self help Youtube posts, but no matter how many Motivational books or Counselling seminars attended if your intended business is not properly funded, quality and consistency is not guaranteed hence a drop in value which equivocally creates an avenue for competitors to excel. 

As a soups sweetness is in the availability of the funds to make it with, Money indeed is the backbone of all great ideas, and cutting long story short SMEs in Nigeria feel most of the harsh reality of low funding as a startup, crashing heavily within the first two years of establishment. 
Daily, we are reminded of the power brands. 

We see them in the biggest Ad screens rarely giving insight as to how to make daily cash sales work each business day. But now that you have started, registered the business, branded your packages…what next? How does one maintain a steady cashflow  to pay staff, internet, power, LGA bills, Tax & Logistics.

1. Staff Power: Your business is as reliable as the staff you employ however if you want to do it alone, it may be too strenuous. In economically developed countries like New Zealand, Canada and the UK the powers behind economic reforms realized that by paying staff hourly rates for minimum wage earners, you create a financial freedom for your employees and also to avoid exploitation of the lower class. Shifts are drafted and pay meted out accordingly,employment rates increased immensely over the years as people have been able to calculate their timing wisely, many keeping two or more jobs. 
The high-rollers remain happy as production is continuous, their staff has the right to clock in and get paid for time well spent. Win/Win.
Here’s the catch;The countries mentioned created tailor made reforms FOR their countries’ progression. When the average Nigerian decides to handle supply and Demand for what its worth, Daily Sales…we just might make headway in advancing towards World developed countries in this thing called financial freedom.

2. Problems = Solutions.Instead of running away from the incessant problems we are constantly faced with as Nigerians we should become the change we wish to see. In identifying one problem, you also set your sights on a million ways to solve the issue..this should always be the driving force of any service provider. 

3. More Power to Microfinance Banks!Past greedy debtors may have blocked the commercial bank loan channel for this our generation of entrepreneurs, never forget the list of business owners owing banks Billions of Dollars that were published in top newspapers at random all through year 2012-2017, most of the properties accumulated were seized and sold to recover these debts. Gradually, solutions in tow, a CBN directive to initiate a BVN code per customer data (however irrelevant it seems to own one), might also uphold each registered client for future financial credibility.

Do ensure all your banking accounts are synced and ensure active email correspondence with one or two of your account officers to say the least. These days however, the sweet spot for loans and financial assistance lies in your relationship with an entrepreneurial program like Fate Foundation of Mr Fola Adeola, Tony Elumelu Foundation to mention a few. These two NGOs have over a space of 17 years between them, trained and mentored over 100,000 businesses in Nigeria and Africans in the diaspora. Register your businesses with any of them and ensure you patronize their microfinance bank affiliates for easier access to quicken loans and grant opportunities. Microfinance banks like VFD MFB are fueled by the success of their SMEs creating opportunities of funding and investment returns for them over the years.

4. Save daily = Power Funds!!!There are over 50,000 micro cooperatives active in Nigeria, scattered around every community offering door to door joint savings or an even more sophisticated Bank Esusu scheme, the wise ones know that if you saved N100 every day for one year consistently, you would have an extra N36,500 by the end of that year. They just did not tell you that the keyword is consistently. AKA Unfailingly AKA dedicatedly, without thinking twice. Participating in a community cooperative can boost your savings culture if you already do not have one. Of course internet banking has been able to make the flow of funds among vendors easy and somewhat reliable for dispersion of funds for daily production,supply and advertisement.

5. Trademarks and Accreditiations does not mean Quality Service.No matter how beautiful the logo or how lengthy the NAFDAC accreditation, your products true mark of quality is to fill a pending void for the customers queuing daily to patronize it. Keep in mind this is an ever changing world we live in and products are being created every day. In Nigeria many business spend a better part of their operations trying to solidify accreditation and law enforcement organisations that they shift their focus from the quality of their products. Please note, for every product you are selling there is a businessman with a container load full of China imitated products on the high sea. 

6. Recommendations ARE Advertisements.These days, a good review might just make you blow! Treat your customers well, tantalize them with reward programs and occasional discounts and freebies, get involved in a customer database organisation and correspondence like Cerveapp to keep track of sales regularities and referrals. Your worst nightmare is a dissatisfied client and the internet does not make it any easier to hide from their angered shaming on all social media networks, and no its not good publicity to be shamed on social media for a business you worked so hard to set up and run in Nigeria. Learn to transcend from constantly putting customers ‘in their place’ to more of “Rewards and discounts’ in exchange for loyalty and consistency. 
Do not be afraid to use graphics and the photo manipulating technologies on the internet to package and garnish your direct marketing approach, it will definitely put some spice to a bland brand, then let those loyal customers do the sharing for you.