Living in Lagos Nigeria, one needs to be extra extra alert when it comes to safety of life and property during social gatherings, theres is always one turn up or another. All over town.

Phone. Make Up pouch, Wallet, Car & House Keys. Perfumes. Body sprays. Notepads. iPad/Tabs, Powerbanks. Usb cords. Ear phones. Mini Wifi device. etc

1. All of the above + additional self defense tool eg fancy taser, pepper spray, decoy mobile phone.

Even though it may be illegal to possess the above mentioned in Lagos state, there are methods you can use if filing a self defense police report. As a lady, its not an should know to protect yourself at all times. Other security products in the markets like tasers and batons are suitable for men, see images below.


1. DO Keep in a hidden corner of your bag/purse/car.
2. DO NOT tell anyone that you have one with you.
3. In case of an attack, quick thinking is key! Spray to Disarm the assailant directly into breathing space giving chance to escape/call for help.

First Aid Tip! incase you or loved ones get affected by the spray during use, warm wet clothe over the nose pprior to use or immediately afterwards will reduce the chances of effects.

Below is the link to the emergency numbers for Lagos state;

Emergency Help Numbers-Lagos

Feel free to comment with the emergency numbers of your state/region.
Stay Safe!