Remembering Momma 2019. A 10 year Memorial Event for Late Mrs Grace Ikediashi

Watching a loved one fade away from an ailment that causes teeth grinding pain is not something anyone should experience.

As a matter of fact, Teeth grinding pain from any ailment is not something anyone should experience,

But the human body is a special machine, it is able to degenerate  and regenerate cells, some of these metabolisms transmit signals to the brain as pain or pleasure, these reactions are the only two which all humans share common ground.

My late momma was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the fourth stage of the degeneration, she tried chemotherapy but was too tired to go through with the whole process,she was put on morphine & tramadol but to no effect. The cancer had spread to her brain few months before she transitioned, it was too late!

Or was it?

Her demise exposed me to a holistic approach to pain relief; herbs and CBD. Having been on analgesics and anti-inflammatory prescription pills for a pinched nerve in my lower spine for years, i sought out my personal salvation from the clutches of gut wrenching pain. 

What is CBD?

Is CBD Legal In Nigeria?
The plant itself is illegal to possess or grow in Nigeria it does not stop the production,Importing & Usage of it. from the 1800s In Oil/Tincture form CBD is known to possess healing abilities for stress relief of various ailments known to man.

CBD is Legal in so many other countries;
In Africa it has also been decriminalized in a few countries;

In Nigeria it’s still being discussed, groups are taking actions into their hands to deliver these products to our Medical use regardless of the restrictions put in place by the Federal government but hopes are up and In a few years it may be decriminalized.

The Nigerian Law and CBD use;

My CBD Miracle.
My Personal experience with the medical properties of this plant was after a cervical cancer diagnosis claimed the life of my mother, Mrs Grace Ikediashi June 2009. I had also been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my lower spine which was responsible for chronic back pains i endured through my teens till adulthood. 

I started to work with the herb in 2013/14 for the alternative treatment sector, assisting others to manage their pain while it cured mine. Till date i have been able to work with a wide section of ‘patients’ recommending my products and services for the alleviation of their pain. However their doctors are made to be aware that they are trying alternative pain relief and approval sought. To avoid complications.

The demand for topical body creams and soaps was another breakthrough in 2017, using the Africa Shea butter and African black soap base materials,the first of its kind CBD infused creams and soaps are now available for sale and distribution within Nigeria. They offer deep tissue healing of scars and irritation, they are also available in other variants.

CBD Healing Spa Day Event – 10 year Memorial for Momma Grace Ikediashi.
I have been working on this project for a while, i would love to bring together people of interest to this event to experience the non-psych-active healing abilities of this plant. July 17th 2009, Momma would have turned 55 but instead she was called to glory, surrounded by her family and all those whose lives she touched, she was a friend of God! This year makes 10 years since her transition and i would love to celebrate with an exclusive holistic CBD Spa event at Bodyworth Beauty and Spa in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.

This event is aimed at educating guests and showcasing CBD in all its glory from hair treatments to beard growth products, massage balms, foot bath bombs, CBD concentrates and salves for topical, vape or ingestion dosage uses.
Our international partners from Jed-eye farms, Portland Oregon in conjunction with Indamix Records, will be providing a wide array of products and merchandise for our use and sale.
There will be spa treatment packages according to each guests specific pain relief needs, free samples, BD treats, small chops and VR 3D Meditation sessions.

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