Just when we thought there was no hope for the pain that keeps rearing its ugly head in our lives, we were reminded of the healing power of Cannabidoil at the first ever CBD Spa event which took place in Lagos, Nigeria. Our special guests were treated to the following CBD infused spa treatments at Bodyworth Beauty & Spa Lekki.

Elevated Tea/Coffee using CBD honey tinctures during their pedicure session or before their massage. The addition of a CBD honey tincture to the guests choice of diverse teas and coffee created an extra calm experience as CBD is known for deep relaxation of our nerves and muscles, known to ease anxiety and reduce inflammation. 

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point/Swedish Massages using Shea butter CBD Balms; In addition to the skills of Bodyworth Beauty & Spa’s masseuses, Shea’xcellente CBD Sheabutter & Eucalyptus body balm was used for the sessions. Clients testified to a perfect relaxation during and after their sessions, one of our guests slept for 5 hours after her session. 

RSO Sauna: Sauna technology uses the help of dry heat or steam to activate the sweat glands and this is usually done in an airtight bath space. The addition of RSOil to the hot steam ensures that the actigens are easily assimilated by the patient through skin and breathing too. Creating a deep nerve & cardiovascular reaction during and after the session. 

CBD Body Scrub: In addition to bath salts & essential oils used here, we included the CBD Body wash from Shea’xcellente which contains lemon powder, African Black soap & honey as well as a post treatment rub with the Shea’x eucalyptus balm. Guests enjoyed a full body exfoliation process while simultaneously healing their skin impurities like deep vein thrombosis, rashes, cellulite to mention a few. 

CBD Manicure & Pedicure: Not your usual Mani & Pedi Session, guests enjoyed soaking their foot & hands in CBD soap solution, extra soft and extra healing to any skin  defects/injuries they may have had before their session.

Farm not Pharm Seminar by Farmcare Nigeria: Guests in attendance sat and discussed the entourage effect of using THC & CBD together to control/combat larger symptoms of ailments during a talk session by Mr Murphy of Farmcare Nig. Farmcare Nig is a support group focused on Autism in children and other pain related ailments which have limited their lives. 

Mrs Bukola Bankole, CEO of Bodyworth Beauty & Spa, has dedicated her practice to healing via massages and aromatherapy. The spa itself is an embodiment of healing from the majestic calming aroma wafting through the air as you walk into the reception to the warm reception from her experienced team of masseuses. Including CBD to their current therapies heightened the experience for every guest who visited, the products on display/used ranged from Nigerian based CBD tinctures  CBD Honey, Black soap scrubs for pain relief, also CBD lip balms & RSO from our US Sponsors Jed-eye Farms in addition to Indamix Records merchandise.