Out here in the western part of Africa, proximity to the equator means that the temperatures are mostly hot all through the year. Great!

Being situated close to the equator would only mean that sunrays hit the earth point a little more intensely than the northern hemisphere, Luckily our skin is biologically engineered to adapt to the blaring sun’s heat! This distinctive pigmentation is a special mechanism which protects the skin and in turn, the human wearing it from harsh ultra-violet effects like sunburn, dry or cracked skin, or any defect that causes skin cancers. 

This special pigment called Melanin is responsible for the dark coloration in all humans and even some animals, it could be produced naturally in different regions as with most Africans and some Indians and Mexicans and folks of greek descent and it affects both skin and eye color. 

The power of Melanin is not only in its stealth from ultra violet rays, it is also present in some plants and animals  as invigorating mechanism that keeps us healthy all year despite the burning heat. It is this mechanism that prompted many cosmetologists commercialization of electronic tan beds or even sun tanning for those skin types with low production of Melanin. Small wonder the techniques evolved furthermore to the invention of melanin pills and injections which could permanently turn a white skin person dark, if used for too long. A technology that has garnered quite a bit of following over the past few years.

As our faces are different, sensitivity of the skin and eyes vary according to individual skin types and unless that balance is altered(By Bleaching or Toning), the skin works in itself to protect its own self; just like the human body emits sweat when exposed to hot atmosphere not because it is disgusted with itself but only because the sweat automatically cools the body temperature once any soft breeze passes by/touches it. This is a survival mechanism of the human specie, there is really nothing we can do but alter the growth and pigmentation of our own healing? not fair *Pun  intended*

Skin alteration techniques are not new, way back during the Elizabethan days excessively caked white powder was  used to lighten the complexions of ladies in waiting, giving them a  ‘more appealing’ look to suitors. These days extreme clinical/surgical procedures of the twentieth century exist. Mast of these beauty techniques like skin whitening surgery totally destroys the melanin producing enzymes in the body to achieve a lighter coloration.This alteration can cause many skin problems such as scabies, acute acne and irrational bouts of eczema and skin cancer.. 

It is not a new generation problem however serious cases have happened in a few African countries like South Sudan, Rwanda and Ghana which prompted their government to ban skin lightening products from their markets.

Unbeknownst to many, some of nature’s superheros like Lime and Lemon oils are natural toxin free and can improve skin lightning without the side effects. Also Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Coconut oil contain the right vitamins and minerals that your skin needs and enough healing power to restore melanin deficient skin types.

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