CBD Local MediKate Box

All in one CBD health care pack consisting of a body balm, hand sanitizer, honey, toothpaste, body wash, lip balm and RSO. All items are locally sourced.


This CBD inspired first aid box is your go-to for emergencies, cuts & burns, body aches & pains or just general body wellness. The contents of the box are sourced locally or made with locally produced hemp. The box can be customised for specific ailments like Sickle cell Anemia, Cancer, Arthritis to mention a few.

The box contains the following items;

  1. COVID 19 compliant cotton face masks
  2. Cotton swabs
  3. Cotton buds
  4. Sanitary hand gloves
  5. Syringe for oils dosing
  6. 1ML Full spectrum RSO
  7. THC Honey & Garlic Elixirs
  8. CBD tinctures
  9. CBD body balm
  10. CBD gummies
  11. THC lollipops
  12. CBD infused hand sanitizer
  13. CBD infused isopropyl alcohol
  14. Hemp Toothpaste.