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420 Festival 2019 – Bake Qave Experience

There are so many speculations about the origin of this catch phrase.
A secret code none-the-less, these three numbers have held it down for those of like-minds for many many years. Its first use was coined as a code word by high school students in San Rafael, California in 1971 with reference to 4.20 p.m., the time at which they regularly met to try to locate an unattended plot of abandoned hemp plantation. 

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On April 20th the world over, enthusiasts gather to celebrate this dynamic ‘miracle plant’ and Nigeria is not left behind. This year, 420 Culture Nigeria, Africas 1st Tobbacco smokeshop wowed guests and prospective investors to a 420 Experience to remember at the rooftop of Retro Lounge right in the heart of Victoria Island. It was an old school danceparty with a buffet setup & lots of freebies to try.

The Highlight of this year sponsorship was International based Jedi Farms, Straight out of Portland Oregon, in collaboration with Indamix Records as well as Q+M Collective. The Dab Rig Experience was EPIC!!! (See videos below)

420Fest 2019 Instagram

The Momaqakes BakeQave was live @ the event with lots of yummy treats for sale and on display but what got tongues wagging was the ‘Cookie Jar’. A lucky winner of one of the eating contests was gifted with a monstar jar of cookies. See more pictures below.