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The Inauguration of the Association for the Legalization of Cannabis for Medical Purpose in Nigeria

The Inaugural Meeting of the Association For The Legalization Of Cannabis For Medical Purposes held in Lagos and the following operational offices designated;
1. National President – Chief Anthony Tosan Prest2. Deputy National President –  Lamiah Momoh3. National General Secretary – Kanwulia Ikediashi4. Director Of Operations – Athanasius Ugboma5. Head Of Mobilization – Lapade Tunde
6. Trustee – Jarret Tenebe
Date: September 28th 2019Venue: Prest Cruise Waterfront Hotel, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria
The event was Presided by Chief Anthony Tosan Prest (National President) and his Inaugural Speech is transcribed below;

I feel very honored and privileged to address this August gathering today as the National President of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA(CANNABIS) FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE IN NIGERIA. It is indeed a feeling of joy to see great men and women of your caliber honoring us with your esteemed presence. With this, you have also demonstrated your abiding faith and belief in this great movement of promoting and advocating for the legalization of Marijuana(Cannabis)solely for medical purpose in Nigeria.

History has just been made today with the official ceremony youre witnessing. The formal launch and inauguration of offices and the officials that will drive the mission and vision of ASSOCIATION FRO THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA(CANNABIS) FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE IN NIGERIA will be effected. I can assure you, that this solemn ceremony ultimately signifies the beginning of decriminalization of medical marijuana(cannabis) in Nigeria in line  with current practices in advanced nations including the U.S.,Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland and Uruguay amongst many others.

In actualizing these, ASSOCIATION FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA(CANNABIS) FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE IN NIGERIA will, a  part of our mission, continue to advocate and enlighten the public with the true benefits of medical cannabis as a profoundly proven health remedy for many diseases and remove negative stereotypes and untruths about medical Marijuana(Cannabis).

Through this advocacy and well canvassed policies, the Association will make informed representations to the relevant authorities to ensure citizens enjoy equal medical rights and privileges at all times with scientifically proven efficacies of medial Marijuana products for the treatment of various ailments and diseases including various cancers, glaucoma, Crohn’s Disease, Muscle Spasms, Arthritis, Epilepsy, Fibroids to mention a few. 

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is with great humility and honor that I welcome you all to this inaugural launch. The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with the first step.

I, therefore, urge you all to support this noble project morally, financially and with needed and necessary commitment of time and effort towards making the noble vision of promoting the decriminalization of medial marijuana(cannabis) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria a REALITY come 2020!!

Thank you and God bless you all!

Chief Anthony Tosan Prest
National President

National President Chief Anthony Tosan Prest & the Director of Operations Athanasius Ugboma
National President Chief Anthony Tosan Prest & the Director of Operations Athanasius Ugboma 

Afterwards the newly appointed officers raised different points of interest which would be discussed in next committee meeting, date and venue will be communicated in due time. The issues raised are itemized below;

  1. Security Concerns for members.
  2. The need for more research into the chemical composition of all our locally grown cannabis for medical purposes.
  3. Different alternative Medication methods available in Nigeria; THC Oils, Tinctures and Edibles as case studies.
  4. Accessibility to government owned regulatory committees.
  5. More office positions designations.
Members discussing alternative medication techniques.
Members discussing alternative medication techniques.
CBD & THC can also be ingested in Oils, tincture and Edibles form. 

With the proper distillation and extraction methods, Medical Cannabis has the potential to heal diverse ailments without the intoxicating euphoria. It is our desire that decriminalization commences as soon as possible so that the chemical composition of our various plants species come to light, for medical purposes predominantly.

Members of this Association are eagerly looking forward to more research and data on plant compositions in this our humble quest for Legalization, feel free to comment and send emails with any articles that will make re-education of the general public much easier.

God bless Nigeria.